How to make a solar concentrator (parabolic dish) by using a pendulum.

Currently, the best way to use high-efficiency solar radiation is to use a solar parabolic dish which the amount of energy concentrated of the sun's rays at the center of this type of dishes is about 96%. So considerable focal heat can be gained by using large dishes, but the fundamental problem is, this focal heat cannot be used optimally and there is no way to change this super thermal energy into affordable electricity with reasonable interest rates. For example, in some parts of the world, the amount of energy radiated to the surface which is perpendicular to the sun is equivalent to 4 KW per square meter. And if we use a dish close to ideal, the energy concentrated in the center of the dish will be equal to 4kw, which is an extraordinary energy for one square meter. Many students and enthusiasts in the field of solar energy, are interested in making a solar dish with the desired characteristics at a reasonable cost and easy method. In this article, I will introduce a cheap and easy way to make your favorite solar dish. Before discussing the method of making dishes, let's take a brief look at parabolic dishes (including part of a sphere).

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